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Rhyzz is an online media firm which owns a range of web properties and offers private, long-term web development and internet marketing services to it's clients. It has been providing these services since 2006 and has helped number of businesses in establishing their online presence. It's experience in the online sector spans over a period of 10 years.

If you are in need of such services, please get in touch by sending your project details.

Web Development

The web development services offered by Rhyzz can help you develop from the simplest of static to the most complex of dynamic websites depending on the nature and requirements of your business.

It can take care of the development process from scratch and can provide you with continued long term support essential for the success of your business. It can improvise and take care of everything so that you won't have to micromanage the process.

A summarized list of types of websites it can develop includes but is not limited to:

  • Brand Building
  • Corporate Website/Blog
  • E-commerce
  • Commercial Galleries
  • Review site
  • School site
  • Showcase
  • Affiliate

Rhyzz has experience developing using a number of popular languages. It employs tried and tested design patterns and maintains strict adherence to standards while taking into consideration project scalibility and making sure all code is properly tested before being put into production use.

Forte of it's programming languages includes

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • XML
Internet Marketing

There are a number of ways a business can be marketed online and one of such popular and effective method is through online advertisement. This method not only generates traffic to a website but it can also improve it's visiblity on search engines which in turn can help in generating organic traffic. Organic or natural traffic refers to visits which originate through search engine results.

Rhyzz offers businesses with an opportunity of advertising their products and/or services on websites owned and operated by it. All of these websites have been online since a fairly long time and receive good traffic and have a good standing with search engines.


Content management systems provide businesses the ability to manage the content on their website using a friendly web-based interface with ease.

Rhyzz' experience with major content management systems and frameworks is unparalleled. It can assist you in finding the best content management solution for your website. If an existing system does not meet your requirements then it can help you in developing a custom system.

Web Hosting, Servers & Operating Systems

Many small businesses use shared services to host their websites. Should you choose to go this route then Rhyzz can help you in finding a shared host which meets your needs. But in case you find shared services to be insufficient for your requirements then it can help you in hosting your site on a virtual private service or a dedicated server.

Rhyzz has extensive experience administrating web servers running on various operating systems and dealing with all that is required to maintain their security and uptime. Can administer small virtual private servers to fully dedicated servers. This includes taking care of all packages installed and optimizing those that need fine tuning

  • Apache
  • Lighttpd
  • Nginx
  • Linux
  • *nix-like
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